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Our Story

Founder Jack Jakosalem started selling his custom-made scents through close friends and family at first in August 2015 and then he shifted selling online as word of mouth grew. In less than a year, Augustus grew so much in popularity that they finally put up their first retail space inside the mall in February 2016.

After a year in retail, Augustus has decided to expand further by partnering up with likeminded entrepreneurs through franchising.

What Makes Us Different?

Our long lasting scents.

Augustus’s long-lasting perfumes are suited for Filipino sensibilities at an affordable cost. EDP-based perfumes are better suited to the tropical climate.

Growth Potential.

The perfume market in the Philippines is on the rise, especially with the growing demand from younger consume

Easy Operations.

Franchisees have easier inventory management compared to other retail franchises such as food and beverage. Not only that, perfumes have longer shelf life and zero chances of spoilage.



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Our scents are inspired from luxury brands that are refreshing yet comfortably familiar at affordable prices.

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